Quotation/Order Process

Last updated 16/08/2022

  • Thank you for placing your order with Stonehouse Garden Buildings. Please take a moment to understand the company process so that any specific requirements that may be required subsequent to the signing of the contract.

  • Once our Sales Site Survey has taken place we are then able to provide a fixed price quotation together with plan & elevation drawings.

    Once you decide to proceed, usually by paying a 25% deposit, ideally £2,000 on a credit card and the balance by Bacs and then this provides for a maximum £30,000 indemnity under section 75 of the consumer Credit act.

    We will then raise the Contract/Invoice and Payment Schedule and this will outline the timing of your order and payment process.

  • Survey Stage

    Once fully deposited, the next step is our surveyor visiting to check all elements of the order. This usually takes place 8-10 weeks prior to your installation week commencing on your contract and will provide a site and logistical survey. This is the time when any alterations and additional items are discussed with the surveyor and any variations to contract (VTC) are revised. Once the VTC’s are agreed the project will enter the manufacturing process and no further changes can be made.

    Before this visit, any landscaping or removal work that needs to take place to clear the area (that we have not agreed to undertake ourselves) should be completed to allow for an accurate survey.

  • Manufacturing Stage

    The manufacturing process usually takes 6-7 weeks, so this is the time when the stage 2 payment of 30% needs to be made and we will send you an email reminder when due.

  • Delivery Stage

    The delivery date is always determined on a ‘week commencing’ basis to accommodate for any unforeseen factors, in particular, bad weather or a run of very hot weather that might delay the start date. We do not necessarily commence work on the Monday of any given week commencing date.

    This is the time when you should ensure that your buildings insurance cover is adequate to cover the value of your new building.

    We will normally deliver your building in its component parts up to 7 days prior to our installers starting and depending on size, could be a multiple of deliveries. The 40% stage 3 payment will be payable within 48 hours following this first delivery.

    Once delivered and usually within a few days, the installation team will begin erection of your building. Weather can affect the agreed installation duration but we will always endeavor to complete the project within the earliest possible time span.

  • Completion Stage

    Once the building has been assembled the installers will hand over the building. They will then run through a ten point checklist, including handing over the keys and running through all the electrics etc, and you are then able to start using your building. At this point the final balance is due for payment ( within 48hrs).

    Once the final balance is paid we will generate and forward the Warranties  and electrical certificates.

    Sometimes adjustments become necessary but we usually recommend that you leave around 12 weeks to let the building settle. We do not recommend decorating for around 2-4 weeks to allow the plastering to dry fully.

    Please remember to acquaint yourself with our terms and conditions of trading which are available on our website.


    If you have any queries, please contact our office on 01453 825254.

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