Knebworth Garden Office and Studio

Project Details

This building became a necessity for our client in Knebworth, Hertfordshire as he operates away from his head office and needed a dedicated place to work away from the distractions in the house. Another case of space being made available from a largely unused part of the garden. It needed to accommodate two people, some design space and an area for storage and display.

Challenges and Solutions

The main challenge here was to design the space to the client’s requirements. The site itself didn’t present that many challenges apart from ground levels. This was relatively easy to overcome using our concrete pad and post system. We couldn’t provide any support in the ground because of the proximity to some specimen trees. The wall to the right of the main doors is where the storage was required and it made the end of the room on the right side a little dark compared with the left end where there is so much glazing. We designed in a glass skylight as part of the roof construction at that end of the building to overcome this. The client also specified lighting options with a mixture of design elements and careful choice of colour temperature to provide the optimum working environment. All switching and lighting controls are operated through a smart switch making it very versatile and fully controlled from anywhere.


A really satisfying building to have designed with our client. Maximising the views of the garden and providing the building our client wanted was very rewarding. It took a while and some of the design elements, in particular the lighting design, were a first for us but we have since been able to use this on other projects now with great results.

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